Travelling To The Largest Hill Station In Malaysia

Exploring new places are a delight to all travelers. People with wanderlust crave to set off for a new trip anytime possible. Travelling is enjoyed by many people. Travelling to different places adds to the experience of unlocking new things. Every place on earth is beautiful in its own way. You can never deny the fact that all of us need a break from our usual life and travelling is a beautiful experience. When we consider travelling the expense or luxury is not the primary concern. We all want comfortable trip which does not dig a hole in our pockets.


Visit the Cameron Highlands

Even if you are not that a lover of hill stations the Cameron Highlands is worth a visit. Wander thirst cannot be satisfied no matter how much you travel but the pleasure of visiting a beautiful place. This is the largest hill station in Malaysia. The air is refreshing there and will release your stress and all anxiety. The place has indulged itself into tea plantations, strawberry farming and eucalyptus. It was mapped in 1885 by Sir William Cameron and hence named after him. The place is developed during the British colonial period. The weather is very pleasant there as the maximum rise in temperature is about 30®C. Eco-friendly trekking, unexplored forests and interesting temples are the main attractions of this place. Tourism is a grand business here. Tourists love to sip tea while resting in the calm atmosphere.

How to reach there?

There are many ways to travel to Cameron Highlands but the most affordable and enjoyable mode of travel is to book bus to Cameron Highlands from KL. GT Express is one of the most famous bus services of this route.

For those who are looking forward to travel by bus to Cameron highlands, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) is the best bus departure location from KL. It is five hours long journey depending on the traffic flow. Most buses take a 20 minutes halt in this journey when the passengers may get fresh and be at ease before moving ahead. Usually, passengers don’t get exhausted in the long journey as all the coaches are equipped with air conditioning, spacious full reclining seats, enough room between seats to stretch legs and foot resting design to ensure comfortable support. Moreover, the rates for children are much lower compared to that of adults.

The booking of tickets is very easy. You can book the tickets from anywhere on earth at anytime of the day as long as you have access to internet connection. Just long on to and provide the essential details along with the payment and choose your seats. Yes, it is truly as easy as it sounds.

Hence, to relax and enjoy a few days away from the busy schedule of yours visit Cameron Highlands and get refreshed. The place also has nice hotels and restaurants to make your stay comfortable with delicious food to eat.