Tips to Arriving Safe and Sane After a Road Trip

If there are two things that I am passionate about, it is travel and my friends. And when I can combine the two my life feels complete. And that’s exactly the reason why I love a road trip. A bunch of friends all getting together in the car and enjoying the journey to any destination the road will take you! Of course, it isn’t all movie montages and gasoline fights, sometimes it can get a little heated.

With years of travel experience, here are my top tips on planning a successful road trip.

Where Are You Going to Go?

Most people are going to say, Anywhere! And as free-style as this is, it doesn’t anybody decide where you want to go. Before you head off, be sure that you have some idea where you will be going. Otherwise, you will just end up driving for hours on end becoming angry that nobody knows where they are.

Be Sure That You Are Ready

Having a general idea of where you are going also helps you to plan out who will be driving what shift, or between what points on the map. Knowing where you are going also helps you to decide on a time that you will all leave, giving the first driver enough time to sleep before hand. These are both great ways to reduce accidents on the road caused by fatigue.

Is Your Vehicle  Ready?

Just because your vehicle can get you from A to B means that it can make a road trip. If you don’t trust your vehicle 100%, look through the Groupon Coupons page for Enterprise for a cheap car rental deal to get you and your friends to your destination and back safely and comfortably.

He Who Drives the Car Controls the Music

Before you all head off, have everybody create their own playlist of music they want to listen to during the drive. Then, whoever is driving is the one who plays the music. It’s that simple! Now the driver gets to listen to the music they want to help them drive. It can also work in your favor is other passengers are not too fond of your music and offer to take over the driving just so they can hear their own music.

Food and Drinks!

I have seen too many road trips go downhill (pardon the pun) because people didn’t pack enough snacks. Make it known that everybody should pack enough snacks for themselves and other small items to contribute to a car collection.

Last, but Certainly Not Least!

Cables and chargers! The last thing that you want is to get stuck in a car together without any way to charge your mobile devices or plug your mp3 player into your car radio. Similar to the food tip, be sure that everybody knows that they are responsible for bringing any cables they need.

Road trips are a great cost effective way for a group of friends to enjoy time together. Instead of arriving angry, take these tips and enjoy!