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Are you planing to visit Canada for a holiday or transit through Canada? Your headaches of finding too many documents may be over since you can apply for electronic travel authorization, eTA. If you are eligible for application, your work becomes easier. This article explains important information on electronic travel authorization .

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Canada eTA is an entry requirement by the government of Canada, for visa-exempt foreign nationals visiting Canada. eTA is valid for five years or at the expiry of your passport. Though it is like a passport, you still need to produce other relevant documents at the airport documents to prove you are eligible for entry to Canada. With the electronic travel authorization, you can visit Canada as many time as you can for shorter periods limited to six months per visit.

You may be asking yourself who are eligible to eTA application. Well in this situation there are different types of travelers to Canada..

those who need eTA

-Travelers fro visa-exempt foreign nation who uses air as their mode of transport. If arriving by train bus or ship, they don’t need an ETA for their entry.

-permanent u.s residents who need to fly or transit through Canada and present a green card and passport of which both must be valid

travelers who may be eligible to apply for an ETA.

-Those from select visa required countries may be eligible for eTA application instead of a visa. That is if traveling by air. A visitor visa is required if they arrive by car bus train or ship.

Travelers who cannot apply for eTA.

They include Canadian citizens; dual citizens, require a valid Canadian passport. The American -Canadians can use u.s or Canadian passport. Canadian permanent resident can either have a permanent resident travel document or permanent resident card.

travelers who are exempted from the eta requirement .these people must carry the required documents to be allowed entry to Canada.

Eta application is a simple online process that will be completed within few minutes. The approvals are sent through emails. Some request may take longer and even ask for more documents to support the application. It is very affordable and convenient. The application form needs you to have a credit card a passport, and an email address also answers some questions.

You are now equipped with information about electronic travel authorization for your visits to Canada. all you need to do before applying for ETA is knowing what type of traveler you are whether eligible or not for application, and find supporting travel documents to apply and fly to Canada conveniently