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Guide to Dealing with International Clients

You would like to think that life after success is easy, but if you ask those who have been through it, they would actually say the opposite, that success can make your life harder. There is a theory by a certain Dr Laurence Peter called the Peter Principles which states that every employee, if he does exceptionally well in his job, will soon find himself promoted to a position for which he is not really suited. This is because in your previous position you can easily complete the tasks that were given to you and you have the capability to do the job. Now you are placed in a higher position where the responsibility is more than the previous one and the tasks are not that easy to do. Still, you may do well in this new position and you will continue to impress your boss and your name is nominated for promotion once again.

At some point in the hierarchy, you will be put in a position which is completely beyond your capability. Your level of competence, you will soon find out, was only up to the last position that you held. There is no demotion in corporations but sometimes people who get promoted to certain positions will soon find themselves getting less effective as compared to the positions they held before. Although this may be true, the corporation still continue to do well since there are still other employees who are still doing well in their positions and have not yet reached their level of incompetence. This happens only in a hierarchical type of organization but if you run your own business, you will not experience this kind of problems. If you are not able to do things well, you will expect your business to suffer. International business is one area where successful business owners should venture.

It is exciting to meet with business people from other parts of the world. What you need to do is give them the best first impression and make them see your abilities. There are things given below that you need to organize in order to get that good impression.

Do not make your international guests take a commercial flight but rather book jet charter companies if you are asking them to come over. It is expensive yet it is one good way of impressing them so that it will end up with a good business deal. And then it will not seem so expensive after all. If you are choosing accommodation, choose a great hotel which will impress them so that it can help in building up your relationship with them. Put yourself in their shoes and make arrangement according to how you think they would rather do it for themselves.

You need to research the kind of business guests you will be having. There are those who would rather be active and some would like more of a quiet relaxing place.