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How to Search the Ideal Paper Shredder for Your Home

Home paper shredder has become very popular over the years due to the risk of identity theft. Due to the demand, manufacturers are now distributing all kinds of paper shredders in the market and customers have to find the best paper shredder among of these. You can use these tips in selecting the best home paper shredder.

Manual VS Automatic Paper Shredders

A lot of people like manual paper shredders since they are easy to use. All you have to do is feed the papers into the shredder. By cranking the handle, you can safely feed the paper into the shredder which you have to do every time you got a paper to shred thus it usually taxing for a long period of time.
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It is also possible to shred CDs and credit cards if you find the right shredder.
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Nowadays, there are many people who prefer automatic home paper shredders due to its complete features. Meanwhile, instead of a handle, sensor is installed to control the operation of the home paper shredders from start to finish.

One common issue of paper shredders is paper jam and this is detected through light and sound indicators and an option to clean the jam is also available.

Home Paper Shredder Capacity

Some people got a few papers to shred everyday while others have large volumes of paper and each home paper shredder has a maximum capacity so you need an equipment suitable for your daily volume of papers. You can choose between home paper shredders with handling capacity of 500 pages or 1000 pages.

So if you have plenty of pages to shred, it is better to get an office shredder with large capacity. Meanwhile, you can feel at ease buying the average home paper shredder if it is less than 500 pages.

Security Standard

Decide how small you would like the shredded paper to be for security concerns. For sensitive documents do not settle for strips larger than a quarter inch or you might compromise the information.

There are even better home paper shredders which are more than capable of shredding documents into strips that are 1/8 of the inch.

Quickness of processing

Powerful motors will make the home paper shredders process documents a lot faster and paper jam is not a common issue with these powerful paper shredders. There are a lot of advantages if you consider high power home paper shredders.

Waste Storage

Wastebasket should also be considered when it comes to choosing the right home paper shredder. You have to try if you are convenient replacing the storage bag or bin once it is full of shredded strips.

There are plenty of home paper shredders you can find in every store. It is necessary to consider your options before buying the ideal home paper shredder. Follow the tips above and you will surely get the best home paper shredder.