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Enjoy Your Vacation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been known as one of the top destinations during the holiday season. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has a dramatic rise in their tourism lately, especially when a lot of Europeans and Brits want to feel the comfort offered by the Danish people. If you will start in London, you can fly from there going to Copenhagen, which will just take two hours. The accessibility and coziness of Copenhagen are just two out of the many reasons why you should visit the historical place. The culture and arts of this creative city are astounding, which will make you love their place more. If you are quite confused on what to do when you will visit Copenhagen, this article will be ou guide on your tour.

Visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in Copenhagen that should be visited by you, your family, and friends. It is impossible for you not to see the historic park. The amusement park is very noticeable, being located near the main train station of the city. Staying in a Copenhagen hotel found within the central part of the city will give you the chance to visit the park in no time. In 1843, Tivoli Gardens was built, which is why everything about it will make you get your camera to document the breathtaking moments of your life inside. There is no lonely person inside the park with all the events happening inside. It is a good place to walk and eat while observing the beauty of flora and fauna inside the vicinity.

Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen

You will love the artistic displays and artistic people found in Freetown Christiania. Freetown Christiania operates independently of the local government. This place was founded by hippies during the 1970s, which is now a center of attraction for culture and arts, including their yummy food and beverages. It is also important for you to know that you should not make the locals feels strange about your presence by taking photos or videos of their gorgeous community. Freetown Christiania is also a good place for you to buy unique souvenirs for your friends and workmates back home.

The Little Mermaid Statue
If you know an author named Hans Christian Anderson, you are probably familiar of The Little Mermaid. On the harbor of Copenhagen, you can find a bronze statue of The Little Mermaid. Carl Jacobson gave the statue as a gift to the lovely city, which was actually made by Edvard Eriksen. The age of the Little Mermaid statue is more than a hundred years, which is still the most visited spot in Copenhagen.

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