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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy Many people are not sure of the things to consider when looking for a compounding pharmacy. In spite of this, you should not simply go for the first pharmacy you find online. Traditional pharmacies offer prescription drugs like capsules, tablets and syrups. However, compounding pharmacies offer specially prepared compound medications. When you get medication from a compounding pharmacy, it is just like you are getting it directly from a hospital. Thus, it is important to choose the right compounding pharmacy to get medication from. To operate as compounding pharmacies, there are no special requirements that pharmacies are expected to fulfill. Thus, determining the right pharmacy to choose can be quite difficult for patients. You do not want to put your health or that of your family at risk by getting medication from a pharmacy that does not have the proper license. You can find the right compounding pharmacy by following the tips below. Check Whether the Pharmacy is Licensed One of the important things to consider when choosing a pharmacy is licensing. Find out whether the compounding pharmacy is licensed to practice in your area. The pharmacy should have a general practice license, even though there are no special licenses required for compounding pharmacies. This license is usually offered by the state pharmacy regulation authority.
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You should confirm whether the license is valid. You should not get medication from a pharmacy that has no license. Check the state pharmacy licensing board’s website for the validity of the pharmacy’s license. You can also know the validity of a pharmacy’s license by contacting the licensing board through email or phone.
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Medication Ingredients You should also find out where the pharmacy gets its medication ingredients. The ingredients used to prepared compounding medication should be of high quality. The suppliers from which the pharmacy gets its pharmacological ingredients should be offering them in the purest form. When the doctor orders a compounded medication, he/she should be confident that what will be delivered is exactly what they wrote. By using the correct compounding medication, the doctor will be able to determine whether the treatment prescribed is working. Making the correct diagnosis will be difficult if the medication has too little or too much active ingredient. Frequent Testing of Medication Compounds Tests should be carried out on a regular basis to ascertain the integrity of the compound medications the pharmacy provides. To minimize human error and keep its skills sharp, the compounding pharmacy should regularly test its medication samples. A good practice is to get an independent company to carry out the tests to ascertain the potency and purity of the medications.