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10 Essential Home Decor Accessories

It’s the simple things that usually have the biggest impact. Accessories make your home complete and if carefully picked, will make your home decor stand out. Here are 10 must-have luxury home decor accessories for the biggest impression.

Art work

Although it’d be great to have original commissioned pieces of art in your rooms, it’d certainly blow your budget in just one room. You don’t need to spend heavily on feature pieces of art, so pick double or trio sets to make a story, add some textural styles or some color.
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Statement lighting
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Apart from a being a source of lighting, pendant lighting generates a lovely centerpiece on any kitchen bench, adds an attractive focal point to any empty space, and may turn any bedroom into a lavish retreat.


Clocks are attractive pieces of art. You can find some great pieces at reasonable prices in many online stores. In our digital era, a nice old-fashioned clock dial brings a bit of rustic appeal to any home.


We all know that adding a mirror in any room can make it seem larger and let light radiate all over. Add a decorative edge or attractive shape. This, combined with your piece of artwork, can greatly accent a space.

But go beyond wall mirrors; decorative bedheads combine well with mirrored bedside desks for a comfy bedroom.

Impact walls

Impact walls are all the rage today, with texture cladding materials and bold wallpapers. While you may find it harder to warm up to them, they’re a nice alternative to costly artwork and decorative bedheads when used in your bedroom.


Cushions are the most disposable home decor accessories, particularly for people who know how to use the sewing machine. Be audacious and try a combination of patterns, textures, and colors. Make a statement with some dash of color to brighten a room or choose a toned palette.


Choose the right rug to define a space. It’s a fantastic way to make a room within another room. Although you can’t do badly with a neutral-colored natural fiber rug, be bold by going for a geometric print.

Indoor plants

A reminder of the 70s flower era when macrame and all greenery featured in most households, indoor plants are back. But make sure it’s real, not the fake variety. Add a touch of nature to your home with some vases of fresh seasonal flowers and feature potted plants.


Do you have a bunch of candlesticks stored somewhere? You can flaunt them on an entry table or sideboard. Select similar candlesticks with different heights. However, they all don’t need to match. You can also try a bunch of different candlesticks.


A sculpture gives you the chance to really customize a room. Be sure to flaunt something that reflects your hobby or interest.