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The Role of Security Systems to the Business Any individual who starts a business starts it with the intention of making profits. A small retail business especially tend to have lower profit margins as compared to bigger and wholesale and other distributors. As a result, one as a small retail business owner would need to make sure that he or she protects his or her profits to the maximum. A good number of individuals tend to assume that it is not important for one to ensure additional security especially when a business has enough security from the outside. While a business may be secure from the outside, one would also need to make sure that his or her workers, as well as his or her clients, do not end up being the security threat to one’s stock. One would need to install security cameras with the core reason of ensuring that his or her stock is safe from shoplifters. Apart from ensuring that there is no shoplifting, one would also need to try other methods of maximizing the profits in the shop in question. Surveillance cameras can help one achieve a number of things. Among them, one would need to ensure that he or she instructs the employees to greet the customers and also make sure that they acknowledge each and every customer that gets into the department. Where customer is well served, there are chances that the customer in question will be coming back to buy from the retail shop in question. One would achieve such levels of customer satisfaction by having his or her employees assist as many shoppers as possible in their shopping spree. Among other things one can do on top of ensuring installation cameras include having employees in places that may be vulnerable. One as the owner of the retail shop in question would also need to make sure that he or she ensures security systems compliance for him or her to be sure that there is enough security in his or her premises. One would also need to make sure that he or she installs additional security tags in all the blind spots in the business premises. Among other places one would need to ensure maximum surveillance is near the cash register especially due to the fact that the register tends to be blocked by the cashier especially from the ceiling. One would also improve the security by installing a system that keeps any possible shoplifter on his or her toes. One would for example install a system that announces security to area 3 especially when the retail shop is crowded. One would make sure that he or she has the best people install the CCTV cameras in the business premises.

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